Platform as a Service explained

How Infinite powers innovative new solutions across a wide range of sectors and industries

Powered by Infinite

Infinite is a powerful PaaS platform that enables rapid development of innovative next generation solutions

British based with international reach

Infinite provide platform services powering a range of products for customers around the world with a large presence in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe

Infinite Powered

Early Alert Technologies

The Intelligence Center – Industry leading risk management for business continuity

Synoptic Reactivate

Reactivate – Medical testing as a service and enterprise health management


The Infinite Platform as a Service provides a wide array of functions to enable rapid development and deployment of Software as a Service products across any industry or sector


Interconnectivity of devices agnostic of input and output

Artificial Intelligence

Platform aware AI and machine learning capabilities


Integrated application security and secure environment


Real-time flow of data across applications and identities


Fluid content ingestion, output flow and management


Big Data agnostic of structured / unstructured data


Secure multi/cross platform core identity management


Secure public facing and private transactional capabilities


Enterprise and cross platform desktop, web and mobile apps

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The Infinite Mission

Our goal is to deliver a constantly evolving modular based Platform as a Service to strategic partners operating across multiple sectors providing unparalleled cost efficiencies and access to regular rapid deployment of next generation technology for first mover advantage

Design by function

The Infinite Platform is designed to solve problems by delivering the functional requirements needed for a successful solution

Applied Thinking

The Infinite Platform is based upon a unique methodology of thinking giving it completely different approach to traditional AI

Sector Agnostic

Due to the unique technology design of Infinite, the Platform benefits from a universal approach to logically problem solving

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