Imagining the future into reality

How Infinite unleashes the power of Big Data in real-time to create positive outcomes

Problem solving in a complicated world

Built by innovators to provide an effective toolset for problem solvers

Infinite was founded in 2016 based upon a desire to solve real world problems and find solutions that made life simpler, safer and more efficient. Since its inception Infinite has developed multiple iterations of the Platform which now powers SaaS products across the globe serving all sectors of life, from large multinational companies to local schools, including families, teachers and students.

With the world facing unprecedented challenges, Infinite have the ability to create solutions. Wherever there is an opportunity to deliver a product to market, irrespective of the sector, Infinite are positioned to provide the building blocks required to advance ideas to reality. With our experienced team of dedicated professionals, the possibilities are Infinite.

We created the Infinite Platform so that tech could rapidly deliver a desired outcome rather than become an expensive distraction

Graeme Scott – Founder & CEO


Graeme Scott

Founder & CEO

With two decades at the forefront of technology, Graeme founded Infinite to drive innovation. Graeme worked as a think tank for Steve Jobs at Apple in the late ’90s, as well as numerous other clients including BMW and Mini, WB, Universal, Home Depot and Microsoft before developing CarbonWise, an energy-saving software. Once CarbonWise had become a market-leader Graeme sold it and has consistently consulted in technology and risk space, all of which led to the development of Infinite Software.

Glen Huxley

Chief Technology Officer

Glen is responsible for the development of the suite of Synoptic healthcare sector products. Glen has over a decade of experience in delivering technological solutions to meet client and business needs. With his knowledge and skills he has created the Synoptic Platform using the latest technologies to create the best possible product. Previously Glen worked at Intuitive, a travel technology company, where he was responsible for building their web booking platform and delivering highly performant and responsive web applications for both the B2B and B2C travel markets. Glen also holds a BSc in Computer Science.

Matt Darwin

Chief Information Officer

Matt is guiding Synoptic’s AI strategy, to further automate and improve Synoptic’s product offerings. He has an Msc in physics, and 17 years experience in the tech industry. Matt joins Synoptic from Oracle, where he led a team of developers building a cloud-native machine learning platform to embed AI into Oracle’s applications. Prior to that, he led software engineering teams in the global telecoms industry. Matt has lived in seven countries, speaks five languages and has been known to wield a polo mallet.

Alexandra D’Arcy Clark

Chief Development Officer

Alexandra is responsible for leading Infinite’s work in the health sector, education and Government. Prior to joining Infinite Alexandra worked in the travel industry. She specialised in Southern and East Africa and after 7 years in sales, she then moved on to a role in business development which was focussed predominantly in the US. From a development aspect, Alexandra was also constantly proposing new methodologies that allowed the business to adapt in order to attract new potential clients. Alexandra has a BA Hons in History and ran the Marathon des Sables in 2018.

Richard Bonnett

Chief Cloud Architect

A highly skilled technologist with a deep working knowledge of finance and Investment Banking including front office environments with extensive analyst and architect experience utilising Cloud architectures. Previously held positions Generali where Richard designed and architected a green-field Cloud (AWS) Alternative Investment system to replace purchased Bank of America Merrill Lynch acquisitioned system, M&G Prudential, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Thomson Reuters on the Front-to-back development for Thomson Reuters’ next generation financial data platform Eikon (Bloomberg Terminals direct competitor).


Infinite continue to engage internationally with regulatory authorities in achieving compliance in excess of advanced safety and security certifications on an ongoing basis for the Infinite Platform and all the products we power


International standard on information security


Certified for International standard for QMS

AWS Partner

Member of the AWS Partner Network (APN)

UK Gov

Approved Government listed providers of testing

Public Health England

Integrated provider for daily COVID-19 case reporting figures

Made in Britain

Infinite wholly owned subsidiary a registered member

NHS Digital

Registered on the NHS Digital Caldicott Register


Registered on the UK Gov Information Commissioners Office

Cyber Essentials

Certification to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats


We believe the future starts from our imaginations and needs to be created one step at a time to become a reality


Collaboration through iterative development, constantly challenging convention to create better results through innovation


The best solutions are the ones that inspire communication, positivity and growth