Imagining the future into reality

How Infinite unleashes the power of Big Data in real-time to create positive outcomes

Industry and sector agnostic

Providing the building blocks of next generation Software as a Service technology

Infinite work with partners who have expertise in a market sectors to support the development of SaaS products. Leveraging the power of the Infinite Platform, partners are able to deliver next generation technology at a fraction of the typical development cost with a substantial reduction in turnaround time, whilst benefiting from continuous functionality advancements.

Infinite intentionally take an agnostic approach to industries and sectors so that platform functionality can be exploited by a product in the most efficient manner required when solving problems. Whether that be the ability to communicate data, understand identities or contextualise data in real-time to provide valuable insights.

Rapid go-to-market capabilities across multiple sectors

Infinite’s modular functionality based approach provides a solid foundation to efficiently create bespoke next generation SaaS products

Infinite Powered

Early Alert Technologies

The Intelligence Center – Industry leading risk management for business continuity

Synoptic Reactivate

Reactivate – Medical testing as a service and enterprise health management

Data is at the heart of every aspect of the modern world

The next generation of technology will be data aware, it will no longer be a product of function, but part of the function itself

Sectors in which Infinite operate


Enabling the real-time communication of data during critical events to mitigate risk


The future of health requires real-time data and an understanding cause and effect


Digital content is changing the way all aspects of media are created and consumed